Shooting ranges

As for the Shooting ranges, our company has carried out several installations, both private (National Shooting) and for the Armed Forces (Carabinieri, Army, Police and Guardia di Finanza). Our presence continues in the area of ​​the polygon of shooting,

for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the plants has allowed us to have a continuous exchange of experiences with the personnel in charge of the management of the structures.


Striped paraples for stopping blows for short weapons of any caliber. The great positivity of this ball joint is the undamaged recovery of up to 98% of the ogives and consequently the almost zero reduction in the introduction of lead particles in the air, and a great reduction in noise. The PARAFOL has been tested and certified by the National Testing Bank for second-class weapons (kinetic energy up to 130 Kgm).


Absorption parallax for stopping blows for long and short weapons of any caliber. The absorption material is of a granular plastic type and prevents the crushing of the ogives, consequently it strongly limits the introduction of lead particles into the air, with an almost total recovery of the intact ogives.

Shooting Stalls

Partition walls between shooters complete with tables bring me. According to the characteristics described in the DTP1 Technical Directive of the Inspectorate for training and specialization of the Italian Army.

Target targets

Shooting targets mounted on rails with rope sliding for the transport of the template, with programmable stops at different distances.

Po – light

System of projected video targets complete with screen for real weapons for each single shooting line.


Interactive Shooting Training System with real weapons for training operators on various projected scenarios.

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