About us

The company GEBIM was founded in 1973 as a construction company for electrical systems and street lighting. Over time it has extended its expertise to the construction of industrial plants, becoming also a plant engineering partner of some companies specialized in the construction of large complexes industrial both in Italy and abroad.


In 1995, GEBIM expanded its business, specializing in the creation of technological systems (plumbing, mechanical and special)

(plumbing, mechanical and special).


In the same year he founded the “Firing ranges” division, specializing part of the staff and providing himself with equipment suitable for the sector, creating his own workshop, thus contributing to the design, turnkey construction, testing and maintenance of any type of plant both on the territory National and foreign.

Administrative Office and Secretariat

The administration is managed by the President, making use of various collaborators and manages all the financial and bureaucratic procedures necessary for the management of the Company.

Technical Design Office

The office deals with the planning and estimates of the works.

Commercial office

The office deals with the purchase of materials and above all the marketing of our products, and is assisted by specialized sellers in the sector.

Operational Technical Office

The office is in charge of carrying out the work, finding materials and planning interventions.

Our company avails itself of a group of specialized workers who make up the working operational nucleus, hired and trained for more than twenty years in addition to other qualified operators in both plant engineering and reclamation and maintenance operators, distributed in the various shooting ranges placed on the whole the national territory.

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